Gama Kratha

Our range of KRATHA pressed aluminum paella pans offers you quality and efficiency, while respecting the environment. We use the best quality aluminum in the elaboration of our products, non-stick interior Xylan Plus free of PFOA, ecological.

The KRATHA paella pans, with a thickness of 3 millimeters and riveted iron handles, have complete induction bases welded to the base of the paella pans, covering 100% of them in those with a diameter of 30, 34 and 38 cm. For the 42 and 46 cm sizes it is with a traditional induction base.


Before using our products for the first time, please wash them with warm soapy water.
Use wooden or nylon utensils to avoid damaging the nonstick coating.
Let the product cool down after each use, wash it without using abrasive products to prolong the durability of the nonstick.

If you use our products on induction cookers, the diameter of the cooking zone should be as similar as possible to the base of the product used for good functionality.