Coffeemakers range

Wecook! They are made of the highest quality aluminum, thanks to its porosity, with the use of it, the coffee has the desired flavor and aroma, characteristic of Italian coffee makers.

Wecook! offers traditional classical model, our coffee PAOLA, suitable for gas hob and novelty coffee ... nuetra LUCCIA is suitable for all heat sources, including induction cookersThanks to a new system capping a stainless steel on the basis of coffee, covering 100% of it, and which allows transmission of fast and homogeneous heat. The LUCCIA coffee has the small size of 3 cups, also suitable for induction, with internal gear dipper, to make individually coffee daily.


1. IMPORTANT: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE COFFEE MAKER. 2. Fill the lower body of the coffee maker with water only up to the valve. (Never fill with water above the safety valve, it would prevent it from working if necessary). 3. Fill the funnel with ground coffee. 4. Place the funnel in the lower body. 5. Close the coffee maker by screwing it until the closure is hermetic. 6. Put the coffee maker on the low heat and remove it when the coffee is finished coming out. 7. If you use the coffee maker on an induction cooker, the diameter of the cooking zone should be as similar as possible to that of the base of the coffee maker for good functionality.


1. Keep away from children during use. 2. A jet of steam may come out of the safety valve, please make sure that the safety valve is facing away from the user during operation. 3. This coffee maker is designed only to make coffee as specified. It cannot be used for other functions. 4. The surfaces may be hot, always use the handle and knob to handle the coffee maker. 5. The water level can never be above the valve