range Ecostone


Our Ecostone range offers quality and efficiency, respecting the environment. We use the best quality aluminum in the manufacture of our products, antidherentes free in PFOA, which do not release toxic gases, do not harm the environment or people's health.
All parts Ecostone range used for induction, complete induction with bases, covering 100% of the cooking surface, FULL INDUCTION system, providing a perfect and uniform transmission of heat throughout the surface.
Parts of Ecostone range, with a thickness of 5mm at the base cooking, allowing greater heat resistance and do not deform with temperature changes.


Before using our products for the first time, please wash them with warm soapy water.
Use wooden or nylon utensils to avoid damaging the nonstick coating.
Let the product cool down after each use, wash it without using abrasive products to prolong the durability of the nonstick.

If you use our products on induction cookers, the diameter of the cooking zone should be as similar as possible to the base of the product used for good functionality.